Are Frenchies for you?


If I had to describe French bulldogs in one sentence it would be, “Playfully cuddly, solicitously soulful, quirkily clownish and delectably goofy … how could anyone resist?”


Yes, French Bulldogs make a great companion animal for just about anyone. This breed never ceases to amaze me with its’ amazing personality. Owning a frenchie grants you the ability to laugh your ass off every night. These little dogs will do the weirdest things to make you giggle.


Here is a link to the AKC website explaining how to care for a frenchie.


One major setback for this breed is the issues they have with allergies. Every Frenchie is different, just as people are all different. When purchasing a new family  member you need to be aware of the possibility of he/she not agreeing with the diet you choose. This is why I recommend a allergy test for your 4-legged friend. We test all of our dogs at Pet Care Naturally in Redding, Ca. The test is $100 and it reveals all allergies to food, plants, and other items. It also tests the wellness of your dog to identify over 300 food and environmental factors that may disturb an animal’s energy balance. Here is a link


Frenchies need to live in a household that has AC if it gets above 85 degrees where you live. Due to the short and flattened faces french bulldogs will struggle to breathe when it gets hot and they can very easily die from heatstroke. Frenchie owners need to use diligence when caring for their loved ones in the summer.