Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Below you should be able to find answers to many questions you may have.

How do French Bulldogs do around other pets?

The French Bulldog can be very protective of their owner. They often have a big dogs’ attitude squeezed into a small dogs’ frame. From what I have noticed the dogs are just like humans they vary from one to another. Our girl Jazmyn is friendly with any dog and will always be submissive when we take her to the dog park to play. However, our other girl Sage is the exact opposite. She is always causing problems with at least one dog there. In summary I would say that Frenchies will do great if you introduce them correctly. Especially if they were introduced to the family as a puppy.

How much do Frenchies shed?

The French Bulldog is considered a light to medium shedder. However their hair does tend to stick to the furniture. Nothing a little house cleaning won’t fix.

They are short haired and single coated (one reason they can’t tolerate extremely cold temperatures for extended periods of time), so they do not shed as much as other dogs with fur.  There are some dogs that have hair more like human hair (for example, Yorkies) which do not shed at all, but for a dog with fur, Frenchies are about as good as it gets for minimal shedding.

Do you test the DNA for color?

Yes every puppy will have DNA sent to UC Davis at a young age. This way by the time you are ready to pick up your dog his/her color he carries will be determined. (This will matter in the event that he carries colors that you cannot actually see.) Our stud carries two copies of blue so we should have blues coming soon.

What do your Frenchies cost?

Our Frenchies are all bred with very high quality blood; therefore, these dogs are by no means cheap. You get what you pay for in this world. Our basic colors will start around $4000 and our more desirable puppies will be $6oo0 and up. Keep in mind we spare no expense when it comes to breeding these dogs. Feel free to research the cost of the artificial insemination and cesarian section for the Frenchies.

Can my puppy be shipped to me?

We would prefer to hand deliver any dogs with a days drive away, or you can pick them up and meet all the family. However, if you prefer we will coordinate with the airlines in Sacramento, Ca to ship your new friend directly to you anywhere worldwide.

Do you have health guarantees and sale contracts?

Yes, all of our dogs will get a visit to the vet and signed off as heathy prior to you getting them. They will be guaranteed for one year of standard issues. All puppies will have a contract you must sign explaining our procedures .

Do I need a big yard?

No, you can buy a Frenchie even if you live in an apartment. Frenchies will quickly adapt to the surrounding you put them in. They will stay physically healthy living indoors as long as you give them walks.

Aren’t Frenchies always getting into stuff?

Yes, they are very curious and always on the hunt for food. If you leave food on the ground they will find it and they will eat it. This can be very alarming considering the food you can drop on the floor. Owners need to take extra care to keep harmful things out of reach.

Are they quick learners?

Yes, they learn very quick. The frenchie is very smart and if he/she is motivated they will do almost any trick you ask of them. A great motivator for them to learn are dog treats. I taught Jazmyn to roll over with less than 5 treats.

How do frenchies get along with children?

Great. They will love your kids with a passion!

Any special feeding requirements?

There is a great possibility your puppy may have allergies to some foods. I prefer to supplement all of my dogs with raw turkey and duck meat. I also only feed them the best quality kibble that they have no intolerances to. We recommend all of our owners to get the allergy and health test done to see what will be the best feeding option.